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Own production - Low prices

For every woman jewellery is a reflection of her uniqueness, elegance and beauty. One of the key elements in giving jewellery is the way it is presented, because it is packaging that creates a beautiful atmosphere. Jewelry box can be a symbol of great style, taste and luxury.

Our webshop offers a wide range of packaging for jewelry, souvenirs and watches. You can choose wonderful boxes made of top-quality materials for any special occasion. Design and colour variety will satisfy even the most refined taste. Our webshop offers more than 300 types of boxes, each of them is made in dozens of varieties.

Types of packaging. Huge selection

Depending on the occasion, you can find a large diversity of boxes:

  • Exquisite box "Sultan" will give your gift special eastern charm.
  • Bright box "Revelation" will let you express full range of your feelings.
  • Boxes "Harmony" highlight an excellent taste and unique classic style.
  • "Lady" packaging will add charm, elegance and sophistication to your jewellery.

Those a just a few examples of our packaging that can be found in our webshop. Take a closer look at the velvet boxes. Note that all of our products are of the highest quality. They are made of wood, leather, plastic, etc. You can also design your own type of box or ask our designers to create something special just for you!

We customise our products

Boxes for souvenirs, jewelry, watches, coins or medals are presented in a wide variety of shapes and sizes at affordable price. It doesn't matter who you want to give the jewellery to. Any box is going to reflect your feelings and emotions, and will also show the intrinsic value of the present. Packaging always goes along with a gift: be it official occasion, romantic candlelight dinner or a big party.

Consult an expert

Purchasing packaging in our webshop is simple and fast. You will not have to think about how to present your beautiful and original jewelry in the best way - our boxes will make it for you. The main advantages of our products are a great look, excellent quality and low price. It is our key to successful cooperation with every client.